About the Journal

The Journal of the Global Food Regulatory Science Society (jGFoRSS) is the scientific publication of The Global Food Regulatory Science Society (GFoRSS) – www.gforss.org.

GFoRSS is a not-for-profit organization on a mission to promote the development of competencies, know-how and knowledge – including scientific and policy analyses – which underpin food regulatory decisions and support the development and implementation of food control systems. The creation of jGFoRSS reflects the vision of the Society “to be the global leader in the generation and dissemination of decisive food regulatory scientific knowledge and competencies”.

This project is part of the activities carried out by GFoRSS to strengthen the tools of intervention in the field of scientific and technical expertise and risk analysis. These tools are essential upon which to base decisions when establishing national and international standards and control strategies dedicated to food safety.

jGFoRSS aims to foster information sharing among scientists and researchers; and to promote the generation and dissemination of knowledge and competencies related to food regulatory sciences. jGFoRSS seeks to be a leading Open Access scientific publication on food regulatory sciences. The journal’s scope covers a wide range of scientific disciplines – experimental and social sciences – applied in the context of understanding, developing and implementing food regulatory decisions, including, but not limited to, food risk analysis, food law, and impact assessments of food regulatory measures. jGFoRSS aspires to publish the most comprehensive and reliable sources with respect to developments associated with food regulatory sciences, such as, the application of the risk analysis principles – based on Codex guidance and standards – to promote the convergence of food regulatory decisions internationally.

For more information, please refer to the Journal's Quick Reference Guide.